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Beware of rights of first refusal if more shareholders own a Netherlands company

Legal Form

When choosing a legal form governed by Netherlands law, the following entities are available:

  • Public Limited Liability Company or “naamloze vennootschap” or "NV";
  • Limited Liability Company or “besloten vennootschap”or "BV";
  • Limited Partnership or “commanditiare vennootschap”or "CV";
  • Partnership or “vennootschap onder firma”or "VoF";
  • Cooperative Association or "coöperatieve vereniging";
  • Mutual Insurance Association or "onderlinge waarborgmaatschappij";
  • Society or "vereniging";
  • Foundation or "stichting";
  • European Public Limited Liability Company;
  • European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG);
  • European Cooperative Company.

Kiveld will advise you which legal entity type best suits your objectives, how to form the entity, which tax implications apply and which corporate (governance) obligations must be met.

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