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Kiveld International Lawyers is a niche firm of Attorneys-at-Law and Tax Lawyers.

Professionals at Kiveld are specialists and some of them have 20+ years experience in the international tax and legal arena. Kiveld is built on connecting and merging these practices.

The aim of Kiveld is to provide enterprises with optimum services for their cross-border activities from a legal and tax perspective. The focus is on:

  • Dutch clients who are active domestically and abroad;
  • foreign clients using the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe or as an intermediary in their group structure; and
  • foreign clients requiring highly specialized expertise about international treaties and rules of business practice

Founded in October 2007, Kiveld is the outcome of a desire to practice law from a different angle:

  • Create a niche firm
  • Integrate the niche practices, and, most importantly,
  • Focus on the needs of clients

We realized during our 20+ years of experience that flexibility, speed and being adaptive are conditions imposed on advisors. In-depth knowledge alone is not enough; it is an assumed basic principle.

Kiveld does not aim at convincing you how talented we are, we aim at solving your problems quickly, efficiently and according to your requirements. We call it the "You" approach. See the "The You approach" tab for more background information.

During their professional experiences, the Kiveld team has built up a large network of specialist law firms abroad available to assist in cross-border activities on a worldwide level. See the "Practice" tab for where Kiveld can be of benefit to you and/or your organization.

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