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A ship arrest can be realized within a few hours


You will be counseled to prevent or tackle legal issues your cross-border businesses may encounter.

International Trade

  • Drafting detailed contracts for the commodity trade
  • Contracting distributors, agents, franchisees, IP licensees
  • Dealing with Letter of Credit related disputes
  • Advising on UCP 600/ISBP 681 issues
  • Handling of cargo claims
  • Drafting complex integrated logistical service contracts
  • Purchasing, arresting and auctioning of ships
  • Contract drafting in the aviation industry


  • Incorporating new enterprises
  • Liquidating companies
  • Structuring
  • Shareholders’ interests protection
  • Corporate governance


  • Employment conditions management/board members
  • Guidance of foreign employees
  • Implementing reorganizations
  • Assisting Human Resource Management
  • Labor contract and handbook drafting

International contract drafting

  • Making contracts internationally “proof”
  • Drafting model contracts tailored to the relevant industry
  • Providing checklists for cross-border transactions
  • Fine-tuning dispute resolution and applicable law clauses
  • Advising on Treaties (CISG), non-governmental business rules (ICC, UNIDROIT)

Arbitration, litigation

  • Conflict and litigation management
  • Seeking and negotiating practical solutions
  • Drafting claim releases/elaborate settlement agreements
  • Filing claims or defenses in international arbitration
  • Handling of commercial and employment disputes
  • Conservatory measures/seizure of assets/debt recovery
  • Enforcement of awards in New York Arbitration Convention jurisdictions
  • Giving input to foreign lawyers in foreign litigation
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