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Kiveld International Lawyers was founded in October 2007. For Kiveld's professionals, this initiative is a final step in their search to serve clients according to their needs in a globalized economy. These needs have changed substantially over the years. Much can be said about these changes, but the overall outcome is that today “service” has a different meaning.


Business enterprises have invested an enormous amount of time and effort in bringing their services to a higher level. They approach their customers with a raised level of quality and rightfully expect to receive the same level of quality when they are provided with a service.

Different client approach

Kiveld was established to create a new building instead of refurbishing the existing one. A firm set up on the basis of today’s client needs. Implementing the request for speed and quality and incorporating the benefits of the digital era. Digital client files, digital databases and a digital client relation management system. This not only offers the Kiveld professionals optimum access wherever and whenever, but also a solid basis for a different client approach. You instead of us.

Instead of working on cases, the aim is to serve clients’ needs. Instead of exhibiting our knowledge, Kiveld focuses attention on the legal and tax issues you face in day-to-day business. Knowledge, experience and talents are dedicated to adding value to your operations and bringing tax and legal issues to a swift and successful conclusion. That is why Kiveld was founded and this is how Kiveld practices law. Because we feel it is a different approach. To your benefit.


Our corporate identity visualizes this concept. The logo symbolizes a new life, a new start, a new approach. It also expresses the dynamic effects of the synergy between the law areas practiced by Kiveld.


The subtitle “International Lawyers” underlines Kiveld's core business, counselling clients in their cross-border activities.