Kiveld International Lawyers Kiveld International Lawyers

Company details

Kiveld BV is a company with limited liability, incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands and conducts its legal practice under the name of Kiveld International Lawyers.

  • Registered office, principal place of business and postal address: Koningskade 40, 2596 AA The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 27304523
  • VAT registration number: NL8185.81.396.B01.

More information about when and why Kiveld was founded and its position towards servicing its clients can be found on the brand story webpage.

Applicable rules and principles

Kiveld’s lawyers are registered with the following professional organizations and subject to the rules and principles imposed by those organizations:

  • Dutch Bar Association ("Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten")
  • Dutch Association of Tax Advisers ("Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs")

Professional indemnity insurance

Kiveld has a professional indemnity insurance cover in compliance with compulsory requirements.

Complaints procedure

For the internal handling of complaints about the performance of Kiveld professionals, clients may turn to P. Kirpensteijn (T: +31 88 254 83 83 / Complaints will be handled with the utmost care and in a swift manner in accordance with Kiveld’s Internal Complaints Procedure.

If the internal complaints procedure does not lead to a solution, the client may submit its complaint to the Complaints Board of the Dispute Commission of the Legal Profession. Information can be obtained from their website. Complaints about Kiveld’s tax lawyers may be submitted to the Disciplinary Counsel of the Dutch Association of Tax  Advisors ("NOB"). Information can be obtained from their website

Further Information

Further information about Kiveld can be obtained by using the contact details as provided on this website.