Kiveld International Lawyers Kiveld International Lawyers

Instead of working on cases, Kiveld's aim is to focus on clients.

Instead of exhibiting our knowledge, Kiveld focuses attention on the legal and tax issues you face in your day-to-day business.

Knowledge, experience and talents are dedicated to adding value to your operations and bringing tax and legal issues to a swift and successful conclusion. In doing so, we "translate" difficult legal and tax regulations into comprehensible, unequivocal guidelines.

We do not take over. You drive, we merely give directions.

Thereby using sophisticated CRM software and tax and legal databases. Without using paper. All our correspondence and documents are electronically stored. Protected by a two-step verification procedure using the time-based One-time Password Algorithm and the One-time Password algorithm.

That is how Kiveld practices law and we want to express that approach in this website.

Because we feel it is a different approach. To your benefit.

Tax is
our specialism

We advise  multinationals, national entities and individuals.

Legal support is

You will be counselled to prevent or tackle legal issues your cross-border businesses may encounter.

Compliance is
part of the deal

Transactions result in compliance. We deal with that too. Both for legal and tax matters.

An international
niche firm

You will be assisted by specialists in the international tax and legal arena.