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Each transaction, each acquisition, each presence is very likely causing paper work. Often this "paper" work regards mandatory filings. This compliance is part of the deal and so it is for Kiveld. Our assistance to you also comprises helping you with your mandatory filings, whether it regards registering your business, meeting financial filing obligations or submitting your tax returns.


Below are some to the compliance matters we can assist you with



  • Filing tax registration forms
  • Preparing tax balance sheets and P&L’s
  • Submitting fiscal unity requests
  • Filing corporate income tax returns
  • Filing income tax returns
  • Preparing pay slips
  • Filing wage tax returns
  • Filing value added tax returns
  • Preparing and submitting 30% regulation requests


  • Preparing and filing mandatory financial information at the NL Chamber of Commerce for small and micro businesses
  • Preparing and filing the so-called country-by-country reports
  • Filing registration forms at the NL Chamber of Commerce
  • Monitoring corporate governance documentation
  • Preparing shareholders resolutions
  • Preparing management board resolutions
  • Assisting in obtaining visa
  • Assisting in obtaining residency permits
  • Assisting in obtaining work permits
  • Monitoring GDPR requirements
  • Assisting with ultimate beneficial owner registration requirements